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View 2017 CONFERENCE Photos Register for 2018 Conference Here

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We are the nurses of NANNNA Uniting Nigerian Nurses in all the states of USA, Mexico and Canada Join Now Register for 2018 Conference Here

Mr. Osarhiemen Benjamin Okpeseyi, MSN, DNP©, RN.

The National Association of Nigerian Nurses in North America (NANNNA) proudly announces her 9th President Mr. Osarhiemen Benjamin Okpeseyi, MSN, DNP©, RN.Mr. Okpeseyi is currently the Director of Patient Care Services at Montefiore Home Care and the current president of the Nigerian.


Welcome Social

[pdf-embedder url=""] [pdf-embedder url="ht...

We are partners with university programs and colleges to provide scholarships to nurses that become members. Contact us for more information....

To uphold NANNNA mission of improving the health and well-being of Nigerians at home and abroad by serving as a passionate voice on critical health issues, and as a medium of exchange of information on health issues both in Nigeria and in North America, NANNNA coordinates with chapter members for Nursing/Medical mission to Nigeria....

Domestic violence is a serious problem around the world. Many people view domestic violence as exclusively part of certain ethnic or racial communities, or as unique to certain classes, within their societies. Research shows domestic violence occurs in all social, economic, religious and cultural groups. Domestic violence encompasses partner violence, family violence, spouse abuse, child abuse, battering, exploitation and wife beating....


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Mods, Maps, Skins, Seeds, Texture Packs

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19 Mar, 2018


32 211 Share 41 1199

Kagerou is a Japanese horror experience for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. All Japanese texts have been translated to English, so it’s perfectly playable for anyone who likes horror maps. This is definitely one of the...

9 Apr, 2018

10 32 Share 7 50

SG Volcano Run v2 is the remake of the original SG Volcano Run. In this remake the size of the arena has been increased and there are also power-ups which you can pick up...

10 88 Share 16 114

The Rift is a custom made command block boss fight. The boss is basically a zombie, but unlike normal ones. This zombie is way stronger and can carry out multiple different attacks. Everything is...

4 Apr, 2018

43 351 Share 38 526

The Cellar is the first part of the Slendrina horror map series which is based on a mobile game with the same name. This particular horror adventure takes you on a scary journey in...

Yo dawg I heard you like teletypes so I put a teletype in your module in your Eurorack so you can type while you teletype while you patch while you monome.

monome’s Brian Crabtree has an exceptional way of finding the essence in musical computation. The original monome grid you can think of as a reduction of the very spirit of a display – in 8 by 8 pixels. His arc encoders did the same, but with lit wheels. aleph was a kind of computer; more recent modules brought inventive compositional ideas to that format.

And now, he’s put a teletype and a display inside your modular.

Wait. Pause.

This is the moment where (record-screetching sound) a lot of people lose the plot. What is a “computer” doing inside your modular, anyway?

First, what teletype is is really an unusual kind of programmable sequencer (“algorithmic ecosystem”) with analog interface and basic commands for generating compositional structures. And that seems a good thing. It won’t be for everyone, but if it is for you, this design is elegant and deep.

teletype introduction from on free facebook fan page likes 2015 movies

And after all, just as some jobs call for a knob, why not for typing commands?

I remember once chatting with Max Mathews, father of digital synthesis as we know it, about why he liked text and wasn’t terribly fond of graphical interfaces. (Yes, that includes even Max, the software bearing Max’s name.) He explained that language was how he liked best to express ideas.

Here, you get just that. A display sits quietly inside another module. But this isn’t just about live coding.

The monome Teletype module has a keyboard attached, it’s true, but that’s just the start. Oh yeah, it’s also a tracker. And it’s an interface for (monome) grids. And it controls patch points, which you connect to other modulars (as per usual). It’s really probably best to watch the video – as always, Brian comes up with musical and thoughtful examples.

What you get is patch cables and short lines of code working together – and then you can plug in monomes, too, or “walk,” a module with footswitches. As marketing experiment, it’s ludicrous: it’s aimed squarely at the intersection of people doing live coding, people working with monome, and people working with modulars.

That seems like an inclusion set of … no one, at least up until now. At the same time, if it reaches even a select group of people who ‘get’ it, I suspect the audience it generates could be a compelling one. The monome endeavor in general seems to have a way of spawning the tribes meant to use it, shaping its own user base.

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