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I have never been much of an air freshener person—spreading fake scents into the air (like spray room fresheners) always made me gag a bit, so that is double true when you are talking about sealing yourself off in a small enclosed space, like your car, with such a scent. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to add a naturally fresh scent to your car with essential oils, and you can trade the tacky pine tree hanging from your rearview mirror for a cute chain of wool balls instead!

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Cut a piece of embroidery thread that is about 16″ long. Thread one end though the metal spring loop in the center of your clothespin (you may want to use the needle to do that if you can’t just poke the thread through), pull through until you hit the center of your thread, and then tie a knot about 1″ below the clothespin.Thread both your thread ends though the needle and add on three wool balls with the color you want on top first. Make a knot after the third ball.

Slide your small tassel onto one of your threads, and knot again to keep the tassel in place. All your components are now in place, but we’ll do one more step to hide the thread in the bottom wool ball.Thread both of your thread ends through your needle again and pull the thread back up through the center of your bottom wool ball and out the top. Trim the thread as close to where it came out as you can. Now your thread ends are neatly tucked away and your diffuser is ready to use!! Choose a tenis nike air force 1 high 07 suede masculino es
(our oils are therapeutic grade oils and 100% pure essential oil with no fillers) and add 3-4 drops of the oil of your choice to the wool ball section of your diffuser. If you want to mix scents (great idea!), try 1-2 drops of each scent and see how strong the scent is before adding more. To install, simply use the clothespin to attach your felted ball chain onto one of your vent slats and enjoy the drive! If you hang it higher on your vent you also get the added benefit of getting a little extra burst of scent when the heat/air is being blown out, but you can hang it on the lowest rung if you’d rather that not happen too. I have seen that some people will hang air freshener type things from their rearview mirror, but hanging anything from the mirror is actually illegal to do in most states, so I say stick with the vent clip. Just add more oils to refresh the scent as needed. Now, as far as what scent to use, that’s totally up to you, but may I suggest a calming lavender or rosemary for your rush hour traffic commute? xo. Laura

Generated POMs can be found in <buildDir>/poms . They can be further customized via the nike free 50 reveiw
API. For example, you might want the artifact deployed to the Maven repository to have a different version or name than the artifact generated by Gradle. To customize these you can do:

Example: Customization of pom

To add additional content to the POM, the pom.project builder can be used. With this builder, any element listed in the Maven POM reference can be added.

Example: Builder style customization of pom

Note: groupId , artifactId , version , and packaging should always be set directly on the pom object.

Example: Modifying auto-generated content

If you have more than one artifact to publish, things work a little bit differently. See the section called “Multiple artifacts per project” .

To customize the settings for the Maven installer (see the section called “Installing to the local repository” ), you can do:

Example: Customization of Maven installer

Maven can only deal with one artifact per project. This is reflected in the structure of the Maven POM. We think there are many situations where it makes sense to have more than one artifact per project. In such a case you need to generate multiple POMs. In such a case you have to explicitly declare each artifact you want to publish to a Maven repository. The air jordan og 1 black and white palm
and the MavenInstaller both provide an API for this:

Example: Generation of multiple poms

You need to declare a filter for each artifact you want to publish. This filter defines a boolean expression for which Gradle artifact it accepts. Each filter has a POM associated with it which you can configure. To learn more about this have a look at PomFilterContainer and its associated classes.

The Maven plugin configures the default mapping between the Gradle configurations added by the Java and War plugin and the Maven scopes. Most of the time you don’t need to touch this and you can safely skip this section. The mapping works like the following. You can map a configuration to one and only one scope. Different configurations can be mapped to one or different scopes. You can also assign a priority to a particular configuration-to-scope mapping. Have a look at Conf2ScopeMappingContainer to learn more. To access the mapping configuration you can say:



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